The iPro, a Mix between a Mac Pro and iMac

This probably has to be the craziest things I have ever seen in the history of craziest mash-ups ever. This is the iPro, a mix of a Mac Pro and an iMac. The design concept was created by  Swiss designer Kurt Merki Jr. The iPro sports a 35 inch display with a integrated sound bar.

Here’s words from Merki,

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in Macintosh/Apple products and their way of thinking different. I remember at school we had “touch typing” lessons on a Macintosh Classic. Instead of using the touchtyping software I could not help myself exploring the rest of th Macintosh, trying out all other programs and functions. I guess that is way I can still not touch type.

After seeing the 30th Anniversary of Apple, it inspired me to create a computer of my own. I imagined an “all in one” workstation which one would want to work with on a daily basis with endless power and a huge display. The Macintosh Classic was the starting point and thereafter it evolved into the iPro.

What’s your opinion on this crazy design? Do you think this is to far fetched or a reality that we may see soon from Apple.


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