Samsung Chromebook 2

Today Samsung has announced two new, slightly more expensive Chromebook models. The new 11.6- and a 13.3-inch models are part of the Chromebook 2 Series that  both use Samsung’s ARM-based Exynos 5 Octa chips. They also rock a new design that replaces the silver plastic on the older models with a faux leather look that’s similar to the  design of Samsung’s Note 3.

The 13.3 inch version comes with a full HD LED display, while the 11.6 inch comes with a 1366×769 screen. The 13.3-inch version also features an improved audio system, with two 2W speakers and a noise reducing array microphone. The battery life as Samsung promises will be 8.5 hours.

The suggested retail price for the 11.6 inch is $319.99 and the 13.3 version will sell for around $400. Both units will go on sale in April.


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