All white Limited Edition OUYA with 16GB of Storage for just $130!


For most, the original OUYA with 8 GB of storage is working just fine for them, but for others, it just isn’t enough. Luckily the makers of the OUYA is now offering an official 16GB all white OUYA for just $130. Now if you are willing to pay an extra $30 for 8GB of storage and a different color than go right ahead. If not, or 16GB still isn’t enough for you, then you’re in luck. The Makers of the OUYA are promising a software upgrade that will allow for USB support.  I have no idea how apps and games would install, but it is definitely better than having just what’s inside the box. I have a question for you, do you think this is enough to get more people to buy this Android powered having system? Tell us what you think.