Screenshots of iOS 8: Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit, Leak

As seen on 9to5mac, these images were found on a Weibo account. They are screenshots of iOS 8 and the soons to be added apps once the update rolls out. As stated on 9to5mac, several sources have said that these screen shots are legitimate.


iOS Redesign Details

Well its coming folks. Apples iOS7 is to be shown off for the first time during the keynote at WWDC 2013.  Recent reports suggest that it may be delayed.  Apple engineers are reportedly working on a major overhaul of iOS’s user interface, and its taking longer for it to be refined. According to multiple reports from reporters with nearly impeccable track records, however, Apple has pulled engineers away from OS X to help work on iOS 7 and the new mobile OS update will launch on time. This is something big in the Apple community, as we have all been waiting for an interface update.