Hello readers of dlcToday!

I just wanted to make an apology post about the lack of new content on the website. I’m currently a college student and if you have been in my shoes before, finals can really put a barrier up between you and your life. Finals have been over for a few weeks now; I have been recollecting my thoughts and putting new ideas together for how I want my site to work. The website is currently ran by only one person who is me.

New content will be posted in the coming days and for the remainder of the summer. I’ll do my best during school months and promise to make better content that will quench your thirst for technology and gaming.


Tumblr lets you post with a phone call

Tumblr is taking it back to the cool days with their Dial A Post ServiceYou can now  make an audio post on the social network by calling a toll-free number. All you have to do to try this feature is link your phone number to your account and then you’re ready to go.

Go try it! Be a rebel and talk your head off on the world wide web!