Fashionable Smartwatch Concept

The smartwatch era is having a rather rough start with bulky designs and what I call a very “un-fashionable” look. Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear was a disappointment to me with the huge camera sitting on the strap. Their gear fit was a major step up but nothing to really throw my money at. What I and many other people want is something that doesn’t compromise design for performance. Gábor Balogh’s concept design for a smartwatch probably answers hours prayers.

The concept is simple, a round watch with a large screen that has plenty of room for  notifications, health applications, music playback and more. Its a very unique and attractive design. Check out more images below.


Samsung unveils Gear Fit

Its rumored that Apple is getting into the Health and Fitness game but it seems that Samsung has beat them to the chase. The device is called Gear Fit. It features a 1.8-inch Amoled curved display, a water-resistant design, and three-four days of battery life on a single charge. The wearable device also features  fitness coaching, can count your foots steps and also can measure your heart rate. Pretty neat if you ask me.