Say Good Bye to Flappy Bird

I have mixed feelings about this. I recently downloaded Flappy Bird and made a high score of 21. Now the developer of Flappy Bird Dong Nguyen says “that he cannot take this anymore”. I guess the hype of the game got to him.  He will be removing the game in 20 hours, at noon est.

Flappy Bird has been a very successful game in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Earlier this week it was announced that the developer was making over $50,000 per day just from Ads. That’s a lot considering the simplicity of the game.

Due to the popularity and the spot light shed on Nguyen, he no longer likes the game, in fact he hates it. He goes on about his reasons why he is removing the game on his twitter which can be viewed here.

What are you’re thoughts on the games removal? Leave your comments in the box down below!


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