Coin, A Device that holds all of your credit cards

To move forward in life you have to take baby steps in order to get where you plan to go. Apple and Google were not thinking that when they released there smartphone based payment systems. It seems that only one company was thinking of baby steps and this San Francisco start-up has put together a fine, slim piece of plastic that will take swiping cards to new heights.

Imagine not having to carry every single credit card, debit card, gift card and membership card you have shoved in your wallet. Imagine having all of those cards inside of one card. Now imagine Coin, a device that is precisely the same size as a credit card.

The way Coin works is there is a tiny computer chip inside that stores the data from all of your cards internally. Just like on a credit or debit card, Coin has a magnetic strip that runs along the bottom and can be edited any time. You simply cycle through the various credit or debit cards by tapping a button on the Coin, select the appropriate card, and then hand it over to the retailer to be swiped. Its really that simple!

The Coin has some really neat features about it like its integrated Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter that alerts a users phone if the card is left behind. Another awesome thing about the Coin is that the battery last for 2 years. After the 2 years are up there will be a replacement Coin.

I guess its finally safe to say that the future of payments is here.

Here’s a video of the Coin in action; It ships this summer.


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