Microsoft’s new Surface tablet will not threaten iPad’s dominance

The title of this post surprises you right? It surprised me being that once I got a look at Microsoft’s Tablet I was stunned and didn’t believe that Apple had a chance to compete with its ipad, but I was wrong.

Analyst say that Microsoft’s new tablet computers are no threat to Apple’s iPad, given the lack of enthusiasm among developers to create applications that run on the new Windows operating system.

As you all know Microsoft introduced its own line of tablets on Monday, taking on Apple’s iPad  as well as its own hardware partners including Samsung and Hewlett-Packard. This will be a hot battle between these companies but analyst believe ipad will still be on top.

“The most important factor in the success of a tablet is its ecosystem. Based on our discussions with developers, we find the lack of enthusiasm concerning,” Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said.

Misek predicts Windows 8 tablets to struggle to compete with the iPad, which offers more than 225,000 apps, and to a lesser extent with tablets based on Google’s Android operating system, such as the Galaxy Tab.

With 2 versions of the Surface tablet, Windows RT and the Windows 8,  selling two versions of the tablet in the same retail channels will confuse consumers, said analysts at Jefferies, Forrester Research and ThinkEquity.

“Choice is a key tenet of Windows, but too much choice is overwhelming for consumers,” Forrester Research said. “Apple gets this, and limits iPad options to connectivity, storage, and black … or white.”

By the looks of it, the Surface tablet is just doing way too much to provide the customers variety which is only causing confusing. Microsoft should re-think what their whole marketing plan and step their game up a little to show that this products is what people really want.


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