Iron Patriot?

So there was gossip about there being the “Iron Patriot” in the next Iron Man movie. Turns out its just an update made to the war machine suit. So here is a video of pictures that Comic Book Cast put together.


Time Splitters 4 is not in Development

So after petitions, relentless rants and the undying questions that were asked, Time Splitters 4 will not be made.

Yes folks, you may already know this but hey this is a new guy on the scene coming with the lately heard news.

A spokesmen from Crytek joked around and said this long disappointing statement.

“The chimps haven’t written any code but just tease the press from time to time.” In a more serious response, a he said quite plainly, “No, it’s not in development.”

Rumors of a Crytek-developed TimeSplitters 4 have been swirling for years now, with the most recent story popping up last summer, when PlayStation magazine reported that a new TimeSplitters announcement was imminent…but I guess not.

New Year…Same Ol’ ish

Its a new year and not many things have changed. I’m still 18, I go to high school and I still ride around on my skateboard with the worlds shittiest grip tape. Life has been well to me and I am thankful for that. Where am I going with this conversation? Nowhere.

To take things to a whole other level of nothing, let me explain to you why I am writing this post

1. This is a new blog and needs some words.

2. I should be studying right now but I got tired and said fuck it.

3. I’m amazed at how much easy it is for me to start writing something and actually keep coming up with more words and ideas for me to piece it together like a puzzle.

4. Number 3 was the last one.

Now that I got that out of the way I really want to press the publish button so I can see what this looks like..then try to sync some crap and get this thing going.