Official pictures of the T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note surface

After a little bit of speculation due to unofficial photos of a T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note, the CellPhone Signal team seem to have come across some pictures of what appears to be just that. Nothing has been released about the phone but so far Navy Blue has been mentioned as a color, the phone will run ICSand feature HSPA+. It was also said that June 11th could be a release date so expect more information soon.

Samsung Galaxy S III Review

With a phone this big you need a big review…but I’m not about to sit here and write you a 20 page story about a cell phone. Instead I’m just gonna post this flashy video about this amazing looking phone with its fake brushed aluminum. Yeah..I went there.

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Phone

Big news everyone! Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 today – a new operating system that slackens Microsoft’s previous hardware restrictions, and adds a slate of pivotal new features, ranging from NFC, to MicroSD expansion support, and more.

The All new Windows 8 Phone now supports duel core process unlike their previous versions. Ironically, it’s only been about two months since Nokia CEO and Microsoft’s trojan horse Stephen Elop said, “The so-called dual-core, quad-core mobile phones can only waste batteries, but not be useful for consumers all the time.”

Now look at them, LOL.

Windows Phone 8 will also come with support for three resolutions:

  • WVGA, at 800x480px
  • True 720p, at 1280x720px
  • WXGA, at 1280x768px

Among the aesthetic changes, Microsoft’s new home screen is the most obvious. Users now have 3 sizes to choose from for their on fit. Developers will also, for the first time, be able to custom design the larger tiles – undoubtedly leading to a less simplistic homescreen.

There are now tons of features opn the new Window 8 phone that will help it compete with Apple and Android, including Skype integration, and in-app purchases.

While most of these improvements have been seen on iOS and Android, Microsoft is doing a great job at taking smart steps to improve their phone OS.

Now it goes all the way back down to the customer, what do you think? Will your next phone be a Windows 8 Phone?